Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fifteen observations

1. I found a dirty sand dollar on a dawn beach. It'll wash.
2. The novel "True Grit" is wonderful.
3. It's great to get together with an LJ friend. voodoukween is very nice. I wish I could have gotten together with my other San Diego LJ friends. I ran out of time.
4. Tijuana is wonderful and terrible and grand and petty, all at once, and I own it as if I had the deed.
5. folk art turtles can be gotten at only 3 times their worth at quince for cinco, and make wonderful gifts to lawyers
6. Navy seals may cheerfully scream "It's a great day to be a petty officer" while standing between a luxury hotel and the open sea, but should save "It's a good day to fight" for another day.
7. pollo! spit fire! Si!
8. It's not fair to have to leave the first Harry Potter movie on HBO to attend a business meeting
9. Around the entire country, conference rooms are conference rooms
10. Vis a vis a new thought prosperity book--I am still convinced that positive thinking has power, but not THAT much power.
11. endangered rail birds catch my fancy on marshy forgotten sea preserves
12. Southern California dark clouds often bear no rain
13. I love to listen to the BBC when I land in Dallas near midnight.
14. if I DID have the faith of a mustard seed, I'd definitely eat more mustard greens
15. I am on the San Diego Trolley to Mexico in my soul every day.
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