Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flying Diane Lane

Today we arose at a frighteningly early hour because it made sense to catch a 6:15 a.m. plane home, even when the place we were staying was two hours from the Denver Airport.

The Denver Airport is lovely, but it's a monument to what happens when airport boards and planners make an airport--huge, mechanized, cool art and architecture, trams, and yet almost useless to ordinary consumers.
I want to spent my dawn hours riding trams directed by robot voices. Rather, I mean, I don't.

The flight magazine featured the film actress Diane Lane, provocatively dressed, discussing things to see and do in Buenos Aires. Much focus on nice dining. No focus on hyper-inflation.

We flew all morning, into a rainstorm. Labor Day weekend in Dallas always has a rainstorm caused by a tropical storm down south spilling up north.

I rested and relaxed all day. I need another weekend.

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