Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

radio songs

"I don't know what it was that was painful, but sometimes it's there in your face. There are times when you just look disdainful of the human race"--old Al Stewart song

When my co-counsel and I landed on Tuesday morning, our commercial airline flight came in through one of those surprising Summer squall thunderstorms that deserts seem to provide for reasons I fail to completely understand. They have a gasoline crisis here, because a pipeline failed to function as pipelines ought to do. As near as I can figure, they have no "anti-gouging" statutes here, and prices of everything seem to have skyrocketed accordingly. My rental car was priced at roughly double what it might have been, though I was able to negotiate to get one of those "green" hybrid Toyotas to drive. I figure that if I'm going to pay, I should get something quirky and weird.

Sometimes I wonder if I don't keep hunting for some solar powered car to drive me through a wave of people who charge 3 dollars a gallon when misfortune sets in.

But then I wonder if a Diet Coke might not be in order next.

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