Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Wild berries

Yesterday I got my haircut at the chain place with the alliterative name. The hair cutter used shears that made my hair so short that I need not worry about a hair being out of place for many weeks.

I went walking at the Heard Natural Science Center. A tiger swallowtail butterfly landed on a branch right by me. This is the second time recently that a large tiger swallowtail has been "this close". They have a new native Texas snake exhibit in the Heard. It's quite interesting, though I have little desire for extensive snake proximity.

Then I went to the Sister Grove Park, to walk some more on their trails. It's a combination of scrub tree forest and open fields. Twice I passed ripe berries on a tree--I believe they were plums, but I was not sure. I did not sample them, as a wrong guess might be disquieting.

Last night I went to sleep early, and slept a long while. I've been exhausted lately, although it's an exhaustion essentially of my choosing.

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