Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Putting things in envelopes

I went to a charming wedding this morning, for our accountant, who has known my partner and I for years. Her twins were simply gorgeous 6 year old attendants. The wedding was in the fellowship hall of a Church of Christ, after which they opened the doorway to tables with good food. Tonight my wife and I go to a Vera Cruz style restaurant for a nice dinner out.

Now, though, I'm stuffing envelopes for a court mailing. Lately, I think about the power which hard copy letters have for me. I love to type out long letters, or write them in long-hand.

I believe that e mail is wonderful, and weblogging is a similar sort of wonderful. But I also believe in the needlessly verbose, gimmicky, silly letters I used to write before e mail was invented. I think I'd like to write that kind of letter again. Would you like to receive one? My track record on mailings this week is imperfect, as I owe some postcards of a lake hike to 4 people. But I figure I can correct all sins, and have some fun writing letters over the next few weeks. Wanna play? or rather, receive? I promise each one will be personal to each recipient, but I don't promise much in the way of brilliance beyond that.

Poll #169187 Send me mail! poll

If you would like a genuine, verbose, needlessly silly letter from me, sent for no particular reason other than to keep the form alive, then fill in here where I should send it to you. Feel free to use your work address, etc., as I have no interest in learning your inner location secrets


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