Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Interest surfing

Like most people, my "interests" list ranges wide across the various lint-thick minor interests of my life. Some of my "interests" are things I am very active with, while other interests are very casual hobbies. I'm not unique in this, I know, because my LJ friends seem to follow in many instances similar interests list paths.

I enjoy clicking on the "interests" entries that I have to see who else lists each particular interest. I am a creature of simple amusements. I love the contrast between, say, the journals that list "autoharp" as an interest and the journals that list "Joy Division" as an interest.

A small part of me is tempted to list interests which will add to the contrast--let's say "elven magic" or "extreme sports". But I don't know any elven magic, and my most extreme sport is a quiet hike on a suburban sidewalk.

I do notice, though, that I'm drawn to my friends' eclecticism. I like the people who juxtapose interests which do not stereotypically fit together. I'll say it more simply--I like people who are mazes of contradiction. But I do prefer when they are mazes of kind contradictions, when possible.
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