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rain, tornado, rain

An April storm blew through yesterday. A tornado touched down forty five minutes' drive away in Fort Worth, and another grazed ground in half-hour-drive distant Arlington. Up in Allen, where we live, we just got heavy rain and the great visuals of a major lightning storm to our east. This is pretty much seasonal weather, and apparently nobody was hurt as far I know, but the local network affiliates stopped their evening programming as if this were the first sign of the Apocalypse. I'm not knocking the programming choice, or suggesting that they shouldn't cover it, but I was glad that I could flip between "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Smallville".

I need a good, solid read. I've got a few sci fis I got at the dollar store, which should be a good
way to spend to a few hours. I need more.
I need a good series--a Forsyte saga, a Strangers and Brothers, a Parade's End, a Barchester series. My favorite books are neither "high concept, high art"
cutting edge novels, nor "Mr. President, they've got one of our subs; not just any sub, it's a
Geo Metro 1.2 Liter!" action adventures. I like a good old fashioned "good intelligent read" bit of middlebrow long fiction. I am tempted to fashion an on line prayer about being granted the grace to find literature which fits my particular stick in the mud reading habits, but it just seems too "cute" to phrase it that way. Perhaps I can mangle a poem or Shakespeare read,
perchance to dream, of a well-plotted 10 to 12 volumes...

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