Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Kim chee

Today's hearing in Los Angeles required me to stay in downtown LA. I usually stay with kind friends in LA these days, but I am a bit tired this week, and wanted a hotel near the courthouse so that I could just step over to my hearing. So I got on my trusted, and told it to find me a hotel in downtown LA, cheap. They found a 3 star hotel at a good price, but they put me in the Raddison Wilshire Court, which is at roughly 3500 Wilshire. Now downtown is 100 Wilshire, and 3500 Wilshire is where I call "mid-Wilshire". It wasn't a far drive, but it defeated my goal of being "right downtown". It's 35 blocks away, hardly a "step over to the hearing" locale.

Fortunately, I know the Radison Mid-Wilshire, from my days working on a massive insurance insolvency located some nine blocks away. It used to be the Hyatt Mid-Wilshire, and then the Koreana, before its current incarnation as the Radisson Wilshire Court. It's a nice hotel. The added bonus, as well, is that it is very close walking distance to several nice casual Korean restaurants. Soon I was in a place called Dunbo, a Korean bbq. The waitress helped me overcome the fact that the menu was largely in Korean. Soon, kim chee and various sweetened and pickled vegetables were before me, as well as a little portable butane grill.
I began to bbq my pork slices. The soup was extremely tart, but very tasty. Although I am usually good at this, the waitperson nonetheless pitched in and set me straight on a couple of key grilling points. The meal was excellent. We overcame language barriers on the English term "receipt". Afterward, I found a cybercafe across the street from the hotel, which seemed much more fun than using my laptop in the hotel room.

I love Korean food, and we don't get it in Dallas as often as we did in Los Angeles. I must confess, though, that while I use the chopsticks as first resort, I do cheat with the fork from time to time.

I'm sleeping much better now, and I'm eager to sleep more this weekend. I had a good day in court. I'm glad to see the weekend arrive.

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