Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Insomnia, Day 3

I don't mind the bifocal lens in my glasses, as they are "invisible". I don't mind the loss of that fleeting first blush of youth, as my blush was mostly bashfulness anyway.
In general, record me as "on board" with aging.

But three out of the last four nights, that scourge of insomnia set in. Part of it, I know, is settling back into routine after a nine day business trip. But part of it, I strongly suspect, is this 40something thing. When I was 25 or 30, I got insomnia for the "right" reasons--adrenaline, broken heart, or a Friday night insomnia before a Saturday fun trip. But now? It's a part of my life. I don't think it's a sign of medical depression, which is, I suppose, the other option, but instead I think it's a judgment that:
a. when I work a sedentary life, I do not sleep as well as I should; and
b. I am over forty.

I also find two corollary rules here, through my special brand of poor deductive reasoning. They are:
a. I worry when I am tired that I offend everyone; and
b. I am much more open about what I think and feel when I am tired.

I notice, though, that lots of LJers are up all dawn, too. Does this mean that LJ ages us all?
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