Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

acoustic madness, sans drums

My friend Scott and I wish to do more recording, as we had such a grand time putting together "Vibrating Electric Fields", which has now sold a grand total of 3 copies, making it at least as successful as most indie label releases. Heck, we may even recoup our zero advance. I've been asked to contribute a track to a compilation album of effects, using those zany electric football fields, which we'll have to record soon.

I have this hankering now to go in a different direction. One nice thing about doing projects as silly fun is that one can go whichever way one prefers to go, within reason. Accordingly, Scott and I decided that our next recording will be an album of actual songs. I was going to say "folk" songs, but that conjures up a lot of associations about traditions, poignance and talent that really do not apply. Then I was going to say "folk/rock" songs, but again, that seems a bit grandiose. What I really mean is that we are going to do acoustic-driven, drumless tunes in which three chord melodies accompany lyrics I write, although, as I write that, the whole affair begins to have an Aztec Camera air about it. I liked the old band Aztec Camera, but I don't confuse anything I do with the kind of earnestness and talent that marked Roddy Frame's work.

Instead, this is music as extended joke, except that I plan to sing. My singing voice could be charitably described as thrift-store-quality, but I love to sing. Scott and I have a mutual friend, Del, who has volunteered to be our bass-voiced background singer.
We may not be good, but we will be bad in multiple parts.

I suppose that the key challenge now is to write lyrics. I must write 10 sets of lyrics for Scott to set to music. Del to write 2. I tried to write song lyrics in gurdonpoems, but I was not happy with the results. I want to be pithy, but pithy in rhyme and meter. But I am really a free verse kinda guy.

Maybe the key is to make songs out of weblog posts. That might work, provided I don't mention "art", politics, positive thinking, chess or guppies. On the other hand, maybe chess and guppies are okay.

In the Fall, I complete my novel from last year, and self-publish as I promised myself. Then it will be November, and I'll write another novel. Perhaps this novel will have a plot. Perhaps I'll do without talking whales. Perhaps I'll write about real people and how they do the most amazing things. Perhaps instead I'll set it on an android planet. An android planet without music. But then--a drum falls on a meteor. Everyone gets caught up in the rock n roll madness. Well, never mind.

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