Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the bottom of the barrel

I note that in my insomnia last night, I even posted links to eBay ads. Is this a sign of being caught in the internet vortex? Maybe instead it's just a sign that fatigue hits me as much as it hits anyone else.

I felt so relieved to be back in my office today. The day was very busy, but I felt that I'm making progress on many fronts. I heard from an old co-worker, which was pleasant indeed. I tried to untie Gordian knots, but found that I'm better with shoelaces.

My wife and I wish to go away for Labor Day--to someplace cooler, with good hiking. Perhaps we'll try that "last minute deals" section. They always seem to have low air and hotel prices, a mere week or two away. I'd love to hike a Minnesota wood, or feelt the cool breezes passing through Canadian pines.

Someone defriended me today who was really pretty cool. I feel a bit inadequate, because I don't feel I stayed in touch as well as I should have. But LJ sometimes works that way.

Meanwhile, the "snake plant" mailing list I'm on has moved to a new locale. Now I get hit every day with dozens of e mails in the chain which vary on the theme "I'm here!". I don't know how much "I'm here" I need to hear.

But I'm glad each of you are here, every day.
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