Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Baking soda cleans

I love Peak toothpaste, whose key flavors are a sugary taste leavened with baking soda. Peak represents for me a sort of favored sort of consumerism. Peak sought to appeal to those who wished something a little different, but as with almost all products on the shelves, was actually punched pressed out in mass quantities for literally hundreds of thousands of "unique" people.

I am grateful that so many people answered my last poll. I love that thrill of recognition about names from the past--"the gee, I can't believe I know this", and the "gee, I don't believe I don't know this" of it all. Little thrills of awareness, like goose-bumps of the mind.

I'm in a desert place, where the heat roils its dry way,
soaking into a million people, radiating, roasting, a saute of humanity, automobile and concrete.

I'm doing with less sleep, more adrenaline, and less certainty than I usually do, but this is part of my life.
I will be glad of a rest--next month.

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