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cricket song at dawn

Home to me is the sound of crickets just before dawn. Then again, home to me is also the sound of a train passing by at 4 in the morning, because the house I grew up in was a block or two from the tracks. I loved to wake up in the predawn hours and watch the
passenger cards fly by, window after window after window of each car. When I was a child in Arkansas, mosquitos were a perpetual
problem, so trucks with huge barrels of DDT drove through the streets, misting a vaguely pleasing smoke throughout town.
This, too, is a "home" memory for me, although the DDT was
not good for me. Home is also lightning bugs on July nights, and
small bats breezing overhead. I never see bats or lightning bugs in my current suburb,but at least I hear birdsong, and cricket song, and that's also home for me.
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