Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Four inch square photos

I picked up the 110 photos I shot with the plastic "jazzphoto" instamatic I got for five dollars at Dollar General. The little square pictures of trees and flowers look fine, little miniature hike reminders.

I worked all day yesterday, but did get a chance to stroll around the pond at Glendover Park. Killdeer birds emitted their ringing cries as I approached, and then flew off.

After I mowed the grass in the front yard, my wife suggested we head over to our across the street neighbor's. Her front yard shrub has, for the second Summer running, a "glow orb" spider. I'd never seen one before--it's huge, perhaps four inches across, with an orb-ish body with almost fluorescent coloration. Near the large female spider, a male spider waited, much smaller and a bit less colorful.

I've had a busy weekend, and this will be a busy week. I don't think things will let up until late August. But I'm glad to get to take breaks to see glow orb spiders.

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