Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


My morning started with snippets of the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". The songs were even more saccharine than I remembered, but I still like the movie. I sorted documents I'll need on Tuesday, and went to a Kinko's to copy most of them. I like the Kinko's copy machines, because they personhandle the jobs much faster than our office copier. I lunched at CiCi's pizza, eating slices of cheese while re-reading Dorothy Sayers' "Have His Carcase". I rested a bit this afternoon, while a "behind the scenes" show about the making of "The Wizard of Oz" played. I stopped by Allen Station Park, where the tiny railroad dam which is Allen's only historical landmark is located. I saw sunflowers in bloom, numerous butterflies, a bee tree with lots of bees, and grasshoppers galore, none of which seemed to have locusty intentions. I snapped photos with my new 110 instamatic, the 5 dollar "jazzphoto", and then dropped them off at Target's for development. I've spent the evening hunting flights for business travel, but am taking a break because my imagination on good connections requires a bit of rest.
I'll make a "to do" list of things I must get done before my flight tomorrow night. Then I'll settle in for another evening of rest.
I worked a bit each day of this "holiday" weekend. I'm a bit down in general. But I hate to be down, when I have so little wrong in my life. I think I'll work on up instead.

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