Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Nobody is an expert like a novice

I like to read and participate in the internet
job boards for lawyers and law school. When I
decided to go to law school, I knew so little.
If I can help folks with those decisions even a tiny bit, then I'm pleased. Today, though, I was struck by a few posts on a message board.
One student was weighing whether to go to U of Iowa in one post, then posting some place else
an entry calling "stupid" someone who disagreed with the poster's opinion of that law school's *west coast* reputation. The more I practice law, the more I see how limited my horizons are.
I hope that my posts on that message board
reflect how my own background and experiences limit my perspective. But nobody knows as much about anything, I find, as someone who's never done any of the thing in question...
Tags: law

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