Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

oil, brine, muddy creeks

I took a few pictures during our trip to Arkansas. The first picture is of an old oil derrick on display at the Arkansas Natural Resources Center near Smackover, Arkansas:

The next picture shows the tiny bridge on the tiny portion of Smackover Creek in which two kids and I sought to catch our weight in bream, and in fact caught a thimbleful or two of bream. I do not think any of the sportsfishing shows have found this exclusive location yet:

We passed through Hope on our way back to Texas. Long before Hope was known as the "Birthplace of President Bill Clinton", I knew it as the "Watermelon Capital of the World". Without pausing for parallels, I'll present this watermelon stand on Bill Clinton Way:

After we got back to Garland, I stopped by the local stretch of creek, and took this picture near my office:


Next time I go to Arkansas, I'll have to do a photo tour of Gurdon, Arkansas. Then people will understand my "handle".
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