Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I set up the terrarium yesterday with the mason jar like bottle I got for a dollar at Dollar General, marigold seeds I got for a dime from Dollar general, marbles (also Dollar General), potting soil and fertilizer. My wife started to point out that I had used too much fertilizer, but I was grateful when she shrugged and said "it's YOUR science experiment".

Just after I had planted the marigolds, I saw on the seed package
that this variety will grow to 30 inches. The bottle is not 30 inches high. I am interested to see if it works out or not.
The last flower terrarium I did was pansies...they exploded
up in a goldfish bowl terrarium, and bloomed nicely, but
they were SO leggy.

Next weekend I may settle down and do a simple tropical slow growing green plant terrarium, more according to the "form book".
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