Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

working hard

A nice fellow posted something over in the forum about my CD, although arguably his kindness lost full impact when in the same thread he proceeded to post a diagram of a shark and an attorney joke. Soon after the message board post, the traffic to my latest eBay ad jumped. In addition, the auction bid jumped from 1 dollar to 1 dollar and 85 cents.
I deduce from this that the value of a good review is about 85 cents.

I worked so very hard today, and I have much more to do this week. I travel tomorrow night and much of next week. My wife and I went out to eat tonight, and I sat and felt stressed a bit by all the things I must do this Summer. Then I thought of challenges other people are facing right now, including my LJ friends. I sobered up a bit, calmed down a bit, and now I'm fine. It's so easy for me to take myself far too seriously.

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