Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The guilt-less storm

Last night, just as the humid air became nearly unbearable (a sad reminder that true Texas Summer looms near), a huge thunderstorm rolled in, cooling our house instantly, and giving us the play of thunderstorm ambient music, one of my favorite sets of sounds.

So many times the relief of a storm brings with it a small kernel of sadness. In Spring, a pleasant deluge of rain in Allen may mean that Oklahoma's tornado alley sustained heavy bowling action. In Autumn, our near-annual Labor Day storm means that a hurricane pummelled the Gulf of Mexico cities,
the weakened storm has travelled three hundred miles north, and we benefit from their suffering.

A June storm, though, often carries no mental burden that "somebody else paid for my simple rain". June storms are about relief. The measure of how harsh our Summer is depends on whether July and August storms relieve the heat. We'll see how it goes, but my guess is that we are in for a scorching Summer.

I had forgotten how running eBay sales sends me to my "My eBay" page to check their progress on a routine basis. It's silly, really, getting worked up about what's selling, because all the best bidding occurs in the last 12 hours of the auction, and the intermediate progress of the auction is irrelevant. I did take a moment to read my eBay posting of an "About Me" biography on eBay which I titled Gurdonark's Absurd Personal Mission Statement.

I think I need to write another chapbook on eBay. Something practical, to be printed up cheaply, and marketed. I began a book once on good hobbies for kids which do not require much expenditure of funs. I am reminded of it today by something marstokyo said in another journal, to the effect that the commercialization of culture may have made it easier to have been a kid in an earlier time. I worry that kids are merely consumer purchasing units, who could use a bit more simple, resourceful fun.

Maybe I should just write another chess book, but this time a booklet about the weird opening system I play these days. It would be a parody, as B players really shouldn't write chess books. But it might be a fun parody!

I want to work hard over these next four days. I want to get ahead.
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