Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Roller coaster week

This afternoon my wife advised me that she and my sister in law planned to take a night out together, which placed me into "decision mode"--hiking the local Trinity Trail, fishing for catfish in our park pond, playing in the local weekly chess tournament, renting a video she'd be uninterested in, finishing the Burns biography, watching Sci Fi channel specials, or some other of a myriad of choices. I finally decided I was just weary, week-weary as well as weak-weary, got some dinner at a sandwich place, and then just went home. By the time I got home, it turned out their "night out" had just been an early supper, so I did not have to spend my evening alone after all. Now I'm sitting at the computer, listening to Ros Bandt, the Australian composer whom androkles recommended to me. Her CD "Stack" features compositions played on a 55 meter chimney in Melbourne--fascinating stuff, which makes me want to do more with odd instruments and curious percussions.

I've had quite a week--a gloriously productive business trip, a solid set of deadlines met and things accomplished, an interesting week or two on LJ, some good family news, some disquieting family news, a ton of work ahead, and a weekend before me which I've largely planned out. I'm going to take a walk first thing in the morning, then do some legal work, then go to my brother's to finish up my friend Scott's jewel case inserts, then to a performance of Carmina Burana. Sunday I will hike in the morning, perhaps work a bit more, and then head to meet with LJ friends before mowing my yard and hiking some more. Next week I have one or two days of travel, and a great number of things to do.

But right now I feel as though I've climbed on and off too many roller coasters. I'm really not a roller coaster guy. I like the sedate rides which take me past interesting dreamy things--a bit fake, a bit child-like, sure, but keep my heart securely in my vest--or, if I am forced to be consistent from post to post, on my sleeve. I see the clearing in the distance, through the heavy woods, and it seems to me so far away, and yet the open spaces remain so inviting.

I got two more of my own CD mailed out to LJ friends, this time in Australia. I also got the money order for an eBay purhase. Somehow I managed to pay with Paypal, only to learn my seller doesn't take it. I'm glad it's Friday night.
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