Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

An interview by Sirensvoice (shower meme)

sirensvoice asked me the following interesting interview questions:

1. If you could have a "do over" what would you choose?

One of my very best friends, upon whom I rely implicitly, insists she would not change a thing. I am of the opposite opinion, and would choose a number of "do overs". Tonight the "do over" that comes to mind is that I would not have joined in teasing an emotionally fragile girl in high school.

2. Have you always been the sort of person you are today, did you evolve over time or was there a major event in your life that brought you to this being?

This question intrigues me, and I ask it often. Some of my friends insist I am identical to how I was as a child. Some of my friends believe I have evolved a bit. I tend to think that I have been virtually the same since I was 12, and I cannot recall what happened at 12 to make me this way.

3. What is the most important trait for an individual to have?

Compassion. Without compassion, what's the point?

4. Who has had the greatest influence upon your life?

My maternal grandfather, who was so many things I am not. He worked his way up in life, while I had many privileges. He was great with people, which I am not. He was a Rotarian, a staunch churchman, and a man who made friends with almost everyone he met. I am not much like him, but he made a deep, lasting impression on me.

5. What is the major focus in your art work?

My literal art is usually nature photography stapled onto corruplast cards. In broader terms, though,the major focus of creative endeavor for me is to seek out one to one interconnection, a form of sacredness if you will, that arises not from fame but from a rare meeting of the minds.

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