Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

I am interviewed by Coollibrarian (in the Shower Meme)

My thanks to coollibrarian, who asked great questions for her interview of me:

1) What do you like about playing chess?

Chess features predictable rewards of superior strategy, and frightening passages of absurdly beautiful poetry. In the best games, combinations and strategems appear, like the proverbial chance encounters in a garden of light, shimmering, as if angels, and then hovering into the game.

2) What's a book that you think everyone should read?

I believe that everyone should read An Autobiography: the Story of My Experiments wtih Truth, by M.K. Gandhi. We must never forget that action begins with the individual, and ends when the objective is met.

3) If you could have coffee with Jesus, what's one question you would ask him?

In the New Testament, people who asked Jesus pretentious questions tended to end up on the wrong end of parables. I suppose prudence would dictate that I should be reserved and child-like over coffee, although I don't drink coffee, so you can see instantly the discomfort I face sharing caffeine with the Son of Man. Still, though, I think I would ask Jesus about the parable in which the seeds fell on the soils. Only a few of the seeds, which fell on particularly workable soil, could be saved. But to me, the sacrifice of God requires not only the potential for salvation, but universal salvation.
I think I would pose the question of universalism, and my suspicion is that the answer would please me.

4) What's a favorite website of yours? Besides LJ of course.

I love, an ambient music site, with a great message board.

5) What's one way that you try to integrate your creative side into your work?

My work requires intense creativity. I am pleased that I have a ready intuition for what I call "the missing fact", a process of creative induction and intuition which helps me sometimes ferret out mysteries otherwise unrecognized, and sometimes solve them.

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