Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Deep, cool woods

Here in Collin County, Texas, woods tend to flow along streambeds. One seeks out these wetland woodlands, the closest thing to natural gold on a hot May day.

I walked yesterday to mentally prepare for a Summer in which I plan to get a great deal done. In the midst of the woods, I saw this flower climbing a tree:


I like the timeless quality of the scraggle woods. This burr oak tree began growing in this woodland some 250 years ago, decades before Ms. Bessie Heard started a nature foundation so that I could one day hike and see it. Thomas Jefferson had not written the Declaration of Independence when this free-standing tree took root.

Outside the wooded sections, wild prairie grasses and wildflowers mixed among the invasive farm grasses. I was at peace.

Only thirty five miles away, one million people sweltered under concrete encased heat.
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