November 10th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Go Back Jack

The time change causes me to take more morning walks and walks in early evening darkness. A thunderstorm rolled through tonight. I find myself wearier in the early evening. I wonder if this presages illness. I reflected that animal rescues could name dogs up for adoption after Steely Dan songs.  I would like to meet the aussie herder mix Deacon Blues, the pit bull mix Peg and the chihuahua mix Any Major Dude.

We saw a slice of the fine movie "Walkabout" last night. I have not seen it in years. I marveled at how much Jenny Agutter looked the same then as she looks now when she stars in "Call the Midwife"  five decades later.

I am trying to solve chess tactics puzzles that now take me 9 seconds a puzzle in 8 seconds a puzzle. That is what we call progress. I took pictures of American Crows today.

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