November 5th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Churchill Saves England

We had 7 trick-or-treaters. on Halloween. The kid in the huge dinosaur suit skipped our house. I wondered to myself if we need a Jack-o-Lantern door decoration to show we are open for candy business.

Lately I watch the petfinder listings for the Lost Paws Rescue of Texas, a pet adoption charity whose dogs tend to be smaller and doggie-door-trained. Two weeks ago, I was watching Cinder, a 15-pound pal the color of a cinder who looked a bit like a small wolf. Nearly two weeks ago, she finally got adopted, as a Facebook post showed her new owners.  The man in the photo had a short-cut gray-flecked beard and sandals. Last weekend the multiple adoptees included Churchill, a small dog of no certain breed attribution who was reputed to be a bit stand-offish, like his namesake. I like the illusion I get that rescue dogs are a hot commodity, when I know that the real fact is that the supply exceeds the demand.

A sharp Autumn chill is in the air. I like pulling out my fleece and scarf and gloves. Saturday our town held an Arbor Day celebration in Glendover Park and planted ten or so trees.  The cool weather should help them thrive.

I've begun to see the first sparrows and continued to see the first ducks returning to Texas to Winter.

This year, rather than going to my wife's family on Thanksgiving or on Christmas Day, we are going up in early December. That will be different and fun.

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abstract butterfly

Field Sparrows

At Noon I walked in David Sanford Park in Sachse. I saw a Field Sparrow. After work I walked in Shawnee Park in Plano. I saw additional Field Sparrows. I like Field Sparrows. They look like little first drafts of Chipping Sparrows. They pass through our area for a few days each Fall on their way to south Texas. In late April or May they pass through going north to American midwest.

We tried to go to Silver Thai for dinner, but so many patrons were there that we could not seem to get seated. This might have been irritating with another place, but we like this place. We left, but we are glad that they have business. We got our meal at a nearby Jason's Deli. from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice