June 15th, 2021

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Changes as things change

Last week I worked solidly each day. On Friday afternoon I left the office at mid-day for a routine medical procedure. My gastro-enterologist advised that things went well. I was pleased that two days of liquid diet proved fairly easy to endure. The waiting room lacked magazines, due to Covid-19 precautions.

I worked on both Saturday and Sunday. Summer heat set in a bit early this week. I finished 3rd in an on-line chess tournament, with a score of wins, 2 losses and a draw.

The return to life as Covid-19 vaccination becomes widespread slowly continues.  In prior times, an appointment with my internist would be 3 days off. This year my June scheduling call netted an early August appointment date. Meanwhile, an appointment to check my car, usually a next-day thing, took until late June.

We went Saturday to get replacement cell phones, as our phones required replacement. We were happy with our mid-range Samsung J-7 phones. This time we ordered Samsung A-42 phones. Due to the world-wide chip shortage, we have a waiting period of a week or so.

Friday before last I saw an optometrist. There was no long waiting time. Last Saturday I picked up my new glasses. They look good and they haev a good anti-glare feature. My new glasses were ready in a week's time.

An internet note noted that this week was 10 years since my friend Tim died. I miss him, though we had not been close the last year or three of his life. 

My nephew, his wife and new baby look to be doing better after a bout of illness for mother and child.

Beatrice is showing her age very much now. That makes me a bit sad

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