April 21st, 2021

abstract butterfly

Ratings Lag

I finished the novella "We Shall Sing a Song into the Deep" by Andrew Kelly Stewart."  I enjoyed it. My next reading choice will try to stray away from dystopian science fiction  with post=apocalyptic themes.

A chill set in on our area. The temperature is not low, but low enough, when combined with the April wind, to be a bit cool.

I am interested to see my initial offical USCF on-line rating. The process is much more streamlined for getting ratings up to date. One used to have to read one's chess life label for a couple of months before a new rating appeared. I still find myself checking regularly to see if the most recent three on-line events are rated yet. My calculation of performance ratings hints that my first on-line blitz rating will be in the high 1500s or low 1600s. But we will see.

I reviewed a good song on ccMixter today.

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