April 19th, 2021

abstract butterfly

2.5 out of 7

I worked a solid day. At lunch, I saw Lark Sparrows at Bradfield Park, as well as a Chipping Sparrow.  I walked after work in Glendover Park. We watched a great documentary about L. Frank Baum on PBS. Interesting man, with virtues and with flaws. 

I played in my third USCF-rated blitz chess tournament at chess.com. I scored only 2.5 out of 7 this time, after going on a three-game losing streak, including dropping my queen in successive games. This reminds me that one of my touchstones is to check first what threats I face. I was pleased with my two wins. Once again, I must go over my draw with a computer to see if I inadvertently allowed a draw in a won position. I do not think so this time.

Beatrice was a very good dog today.

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