April 18th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Right Eye

I got up early and listened to and reviewed today a couple of dozen ccMixter Secret Mixter songs. I enjoyed them. My own track was markedly less impressive.

Today I walked on Cottonwood Creek Trail South, starting a Max Vaughan Elementary in Allen and heading all the way down to Oak Point Park in Plano, a two and one half hour round trip. I saw Eastern Bluebirds and bluebird boxes. One Carolina Chickadee made a box its own.
I took photos of an Eastern Bluebird on a barbed wire fence. Only later did I realize it was blind in the left eye.

I made a decisive move in a game of 3-day chess on chess.com. I now wait to see if the other side can come up with a way out.

I got some business done this afternoon. I hope to make more progress tomorrow night.

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