April 9th, 2021

abstract butterfly

classical Pirc

I got a lot done today. The predicted storm tonight may go to our southeast. We are watching the documentary about the Laurel Canyon music scene.

My decision to switch from bullet chess to blitz chess at chess.com continues to pay dividends. My rating has gone up to 1480.  I play a lot of the Stonewall Attack when I play white. This opening is easy-to-learn and use, and not that hard to play against. But I score a lot of points in that opening. Tonight my opponent played that opening against me when I had the black pieces. Though the game was nearly even, the other side lost 2 pawns in a stonewall v. stonewall ending, and I won. When I play the black pieces, I play the Dutch Stonewall (usually transposing there from a Semi-Slav). Against 1 e4 I play the Phiilidor or the Pirc. I find most of my opponents at this level do not play the sharp anti-Pirc lines like the Austrian Attack.

I ate a turkey plate from Dickey's BBQ for dinner.

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