March 21st, 2021

abstract butterfly

3 shears

Sunday I got a little work done.  I also completed a continuing legal education course about weather disasters. I got a haircut at haircut chain--only my second non-self-administered cut  in the year since the pandemic began.  I had intended to wait until two weeks after the second vaccination, but I decided to go and get the cut anyway I used a sign-in on-line to minimize my waiting time.  I had the cosmetologist use the number 3 shear adapter.

I walked in our local two parks, Green Park and Glendover Park, with my wife joining me for the latter walk. My bullet chess rating goes up and down like an airplane, but never reaches 12 O'Clock High. I attended a virtual WW workshop, but had to keep an eye on my telephone
web browser as Arkansas' men's basketball team narrowly edged past Texas Tech and into the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament.

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