March 11th, 2021

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Bullet Chess by the Box

Sunday I walked on the Watters Branch Trail near the Watters Creek shopping center. Monday I worked late due to an all-day-and-into-the-evening meeting. I will say for the Zoom video conferencing service that meetings involve less driving now. Tuesday I worked had to meet a deadline and get other work matters done. Wednesday the weather stayed warm and breezy. It is hard to believe that we had a Winter storm just a few weeks ago.

This week I find myself playing a lot of bullet chess on Bullet chess is on-line chess in which each side has a total time control for the game of one minute. I find myself imperfect at such a time control, as I am not very good at moving that quickly.  But I began to play numerous games. I raised my rating from 850 (a very low rating, about the median on the site) to 1050 (still a very low rating, but a bit higher in the rankings).

My sister completed an impromptu estate sale of some family items in Arkansas, necessitated by damage to those items from a storage center roof failure during the storm last month. My brother has advanced his guitar skills into songwriting skills. He even got some backing materials created for his song, as well as a video. I am glad he is having fun.

Texas just lowered the vaccine-eligible age to 50 or higher, starting March 15. I hope I can get on the list soon.

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