March 1st, 2021

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The Rain After the Cold

This morning I finished reading Edith Wharton's novella "Bunner Sisters."  I found the story compelling.  The rain fell solidly last night. A mild cold front moved in. The weather is so much more March-like than the Winter weather a fortnight ago.

The bird feeder draws a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Pine Siskins, Common Grackles, House Finches, and House Sparrows, The ground below the feeder draws Dark-Eyed Juncos and Mourning Doves.

The Winter weather reduced the number of Yellow-Rumped Warblers in our park. They were abundant. Now they are absent. One was at our feeder during the snow. I felt glad when I saw two Eastern Bluebirds at Bradfield Park in Garland. Bluebirds can be adversely affected by cold snaps.

Lately I spent a lot of time playing with the kids' drawing software Tuxpaint. I should teach myself better rudimentary drawing.

My on-line (webserver USCF) postal chess games continue to heat up, even though they are all fairly early in. I do not think I am playing very well so far.

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abstract butterfly

The Misplaced Bishop and the Dropped Queen

Today one of my postal chess opponents committed a blunder, losing a queen. He resigned a few moments later, leaving a note that he accidentally confirmed his move when he meant to merely try the move out. I accept his explanation. Though the system requires double-confirmation to select a move, anyone can err even when a fail-safe exists.  I remember once in a live chess tournament when I launched a combination that resulted in my winning the other side's queen (in return for some other pieces, so not a flawless combination). I accidentally put the bishop piece one diagonal square short of its destination. This turned a fun tactic into a lost game. The perils of touch move prevailed--just as the peril fo hitting "commit" when one should hit "undo" applied for my opponent today.   He proved a very good sport about things, and we each wished one another well in our other games, including the one we are still playing against one another.

I worked a solid day today, and may work a bit more this evening. Chilly weather prevailed. Our work internet went out a bit today, but our IT guy Don came over and got it running again.

I went to the website for Bloomsbury Press and bought a mystery, Lynne Truss' "A Shot in the Dark." I like mysteries and felt the desire to read another.

Tonight I plan to watch the new television sci-fi show called "Debris." It looks interesting, but so many science fiction television series arise on the big three networks, and fail to sustain. I learn tonight the first chapter in whether this comparison applies here.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice