February 28th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Before the rain

I got out this morning to take a walk, to get my exercise in before a storm moved in. I walked an hour in our neighborhood Glendover Park and the  surrounding places.  I got some grilled chicken and kernel corn at KFC.  I went to Green Park and walked there as well, but the rain sent me home early. In the afternoon I got some work done. I also read more of the Edith Wharton novella Bunsen Sisters. The worst of the storm missed us.

I played a couple of games of blitz chess on chess.com against human opponents. I won the first game, on the white side of a Colle system in which I got a kitngside attack going. I lost a second game playing black in a Philidor Defense after taking a rook to knight exchange. Then I lost the rook by allowing the knight to fork rook and king.

I was up a bit when I weighed in today, for the second week in a row. I fluctuate normally, but rarely have two consecutive gains. I must  pay attention this week.

I went to my weekly Weight Watchers virtual meeting. I like to choose coaches who i have not seen before.
Today the coach was Amanda G.  Unlike most leaders, who have a background in teaching or in physical fitness, her background is in clinical psychology. 

My left arm feels better now that  a few days passed since my second shingles vaccine inoculation.

We had home-made pizza tonight. The Golden Globes are on, and are fairly entertaining, but I am probably going to retreat to my book soon, and perhaps get abit more work done tonight.

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