February 27th, 2021

abstract butterfly

foggy, misty day

The weather turned foggy and misty-rainy today. I walked in Glendover Park, where American Robins appeared in profusion. I saw 14 bird species. I started to walk in Story Park, but rain stopped me in my tracks. So I got fish at Chicken Express, and drove to Brockdale Park in Lake Lavon. The fog at first obscured the lake, and later the lake disappeared on little cats' feet.  I recorded 10 bird species, including a first-of-year Harris's Sparrow.  This brought my total for the year to 57.  I also walked a bit at Green Park, where I saw 9 species.

I finished the Aimee Ogden novella "Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters," which I found a good read. I like when a story clocks in at just the right length for its plot and characterization. I downloaded a new novella from gutenberg.org, Edith Wharton's "Bunner Sisters," I finished the first 50 pages of the novella, and am glad to have another good book to read.

We watched the film "Penguin Bloom" tonight which we enjoyed.

Tomorrow I have work to do, and yet still plan to have time to relax a bit. I also hope to read a bit and get my routine routined.

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