February 22nd, 2021

abstract butterfly

The Three Amigos

A week ago we shivered. Today the weather turned warm. Sadly,though, I heard from people who experienced damage and the radio told of people in line for drinking water. The misfortune my wife and I experienced proved far less than those of many others in this weather debacle.

After work, I walked in the waning light in Crowley Park in Richardson. As I came to an open field, I saw the trio of young coyotes napping in the open spaces.  An hour or two earlier, they probably got a lot of sun that way. Later, I heard them in the bushes, emitting those wild yips that go with coyotes. Urban coyotes are much less pack-oriented than rural coyotes. But this is the second time I have seen this trio of yearlings.
I also saw a small-ish Red-Shouldered Hawk looking majestic in a tree.

I wrote a letter to an attorney who was one of my then-law-firm's Summer clerks in 1993. He wrote a kind note when the pandemic was more recent. I had delayed far too long in responding to his letter. I remedied that today.

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