February 21st, 2021

abstract butterfly

All Creatures and a controversy

This morning I got up and did my weekly weigh. I was up a bit over two pounds. I tend to fluctuate within a two pound range from week to week. I attended a WW meeting virtually. Although my regular in-person meeting is back in session, I plan to hold off until I have been vaccinated against the virus. I also watched a video of a church service from Bromyard Road Methodist Church in Worcester in England. The sermon used the concept of the tempation in the wilderness to good effect.

In the afternoon I walked on the Mustang Trail in Allen. I saw 14 different bird species. Though the weather warmed a good bit, Mustang Creek was still a bit frozen over in places.  I saw lots of living creatures, a good sign. i did see one recently-departed Great Blue Heron, who I assumed became a victim to the frigid weather of the past week.

In the afternoon and evening I did a bit of work, and walked a bit in Glendover Park. We watched the Season One Finale to All Creatures Great and Small. I enjoyed the season very well, but I wished it had stayed true to the books. I say that even knowing that Herriott himself freely borrowed old vets' tales and modified real life a good bit to tell his stories. I assume he would be far less Merchant-and-Ivory in his sensibility than I would have done.

I am enjoying "Designing Dragons", the book by Dan Koboldt. I was disappointed to read, however, of a controversy involving Baen Books and its apparent failure to properly moderate a forum. I will continue to read the novel I am reading, but I would like to see fewer such controversies diminish through better handling of such matters, 

I made a drawing of an aquarium. from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice