February 10th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Pairs and Frozen Memories

I read today a December entry in my weblog. This entry reminded me that my first shingles shot was over 60 days ago, and that I got it at CVS rather than Wal-Green. Now I plan to arrange the second such shot.

The cold weather moved in as promised. Tomorrow a chance of sleet exists. Monday snow remains possible. I walked only for a few moments in Dave Sanford Park, where sparrows and juncos enthusiastically foraged.

Work is busy and challenging. I want to keep working at a good pace.

Beatrice is handling the cold pretty well.

I think about drawing, a thing that involves both skill and a lot of innate talent and visualization skills. I lack much, if I have any, of those latter things.

I like hour-long dramas on television, but sometimes they exude a soap-like tendency to pair of everyone with someone else central to the show. I find that benignly tedious and oddly impermanent (not that permanence and episodic television go hand-in-hand).

Facebook memories reminded me that 8 years ago I hiked in the desert with my 5 year old nephew and his dad. That was a day long ago, somehow.

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