February 6th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Puzzling and hiking

Friday I worked a solid day. At lunch on Friday I walked at Breckinridge Park where it crosses over to Ruth Back Toler Park, just by a very impressive bridge which looks down on water where ducks swim. This morning I looked up; where Breckinridge Park ends and Ruth Back Toler Park ends.

Friday evening I stopped at the part of the Chisholm Trail in Plano called Big Lake Pond. I saw Ring-Necked Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Lesser Scaup Ducks and a Pied-Billed Grebe. We watched Magnum P.I. and Bluebloods on television. We El Pollo Loco chicken, which I had picked up on my way home.

This morning I read old livejournal replies from a livejournal friend. I played Puzzle Rush at Chess.com. This time I played a few more 3 minute puzzles than usual. My top score so far at 3 minute tempo is 14 puzzles solved.

I read an old weblog entry about a walk my wife and I took to Sherbrooke Lake in Yolo National Park in Canada. I remember that hike, and the way the lake looked when we reached it. We went on that particular hike because the hike we chose turned out to be too packed with holiday hikers. The ranger sent us to Sherbrooke Lake instead, and it was just the right choice for us.

I got an email with good news about my uncle's health condition. I hope for the best.

from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice
abstract butterfly

Misty Saturday

I got some practical things done. I resolved to walk only in the two neighborhood parks, Glendover and Green Park. Each park felt alive on a misty, cloudy slightly cool day.

I drew a picture of a can-jo and of a driftwood marimba. I answered a bit of work email. I solved chess puzzles prior to morning light. Beatrice got in a short walk in the block or so in front of our home. from Dreamwidth, because two posts of the same text are twice as nice