February 4th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Expulsions and Software

This morning I watched the two-part Deep Space Nine with guest star Frank Langella. I'd like to watch the entire Babylon 5 series on DVD,
a feeling inspired by the recent passing of Mira Furlan.

Today a chill breeze gave the air a nip of cold soda.

The congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene lost her committee assignments via a floor vote after her own party declined to take action against her. I am puzzled why the Republicans did not take care of this problem in their ranks on their own. The current Republican Party in the House of Representatives has lost its way.

I should learn to use Blender for animated fun.

Today a Facebook memory reminded me that 13 years ago I first used the Digitial Audio Workstation Tunafish. I still use it sometimes. I wish I knew of more like it--I like the simple ones.

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