February 3rd, 2021

abstract butterfly

a warming Heavenly City

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all featured lots of work to do and good weather. Monday I did get a short walk in at Bradfield Park in Garland at lunch. Tuesday after work, I got in a walk at Crowley Park in Richardson. When I first arrived, a trio of yearling coyotes were hanging out together, looking like nothing so much as exuberant teenagers. They eventually slouched off across the road and into some bushes.

Tonight I picked up Boston Market turkey from the Plano outlet.  I like take-out windows as the pandemic certainly reminds me of their utility.

I am 110 pages in to Gavin Newman's "Ring of Bright Water." It's a good read so far. Sometimes the descriptions are lyrical rather than less lyrical, resulting in a somewhat slower reading pace for me. Part of me says there should be a pithy poem by Stevie Smith to explain all this,but all the ones I know are mostly waving and drowning.

Beatrice remains a fine specimen in old age, when we have to take her outside ourselves.

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