January 24th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Foggy Weekend

Saturday morning I got some work done. I took a walk in Glendover Park, and later took a walk in Story Park. The weather hinted rain all day, but little rain fell. I dropped off shirts at the dry cleaner and picked up shirts at the dry cleaners. The rain saved itself for Saturday night. Saturday evening we ate sandwiches and watched two episodes of the latest Martin Scorsese series of Fran Lebowitz vignettes.

Saturday I finished the science fiction novel "Caleuche" by Jonathan Ward. I began reading my next book, Gavin Maxwell's "Ring of Bright Water." 

Sunday morning I walked in small, foggy Green Park. I saw eight bird species. I listened to a podcast about a collage artist in Shrewsbury in England. Then I listened to a podcast interview with a woman who entered the ministry after being a teacher. She was not an Episcopal deacon in the Texas Panhandle town of Amarillo, after moving there with her wife.
I watched a video of a sermon by Tom Are, a Presbyterian minister in Mission Hills Kansas. He dealt powerfully with the events of terrorists on January 6.  I watched another sermon by our church's minister.

I drove to Mustang Creek Trail, where I walked and saw 20 different species of bird. The Belted Kingfisher brought my count for January up to 51 species. At home, I laundered trousers for the coming week. I watched some of the two football playoff games. We watched "All Creatures Great and Small."

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