January 16th, 2021

abstract butterfly

Hometown Breeze

Friday the wind tore through me as I walked after work in Breckinridge Park. We watched an epidoe of the reboot of Magnunm P.I. in which a hurricane hit the islands. We dined on chicken pho and Summer rolls that I picked up from Pho Que Huong in Plano. It was easy to social distance during that takeout experience. A few patrons were eating in, but they were very widely spaced and few in number.

Work Friday was busy and a bit stressful. But I felt that I got things done.

I just looked up Que Huong, and my translation program says it means "Hometown."  I like the idea that the neighborhood place is called Hometown Pho. But perhaps the translation is nuanced--perhaps it means "pho that makes me feel at home" or "Pho My Home" or simply "Town Pho."

This morning I got up early and read Helen Kitson's "The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson."  This was my 12th reading session with the novel. I read some 172 of the 453 e-pages at this sitting, finishing the novel. I found the story a very good read.

I took Beatrice for a couple of trips to the backyard in the pre-dawn. Once I put her purple jacket on her, but once I simply trusted in her fur.

My wife made us each a croissant from a dough she received in dry ice sent by her immediate supervisor. Today the wind appears to have tamed.  Perhaps I will make a bank deposit, and take a walk or two.

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