January 12th, 2021

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Raccoon and Snow

Tuesday the 5th of January found me on the road to Houston for a three-day business trip. On the way down, I stopped at the Walker County Rest Stop and walked around the misty pond on a cold day. I saw lots of birds during that short walk--the ones that stay with my memory the longest are a Chipping Sparrow in a tree and a charm of American Goldfinches feeding on the ground. Hotel life on the road is thankfully still an isolated experience. Few people were in my hotel, and everyone properly wore masks. I still eat only take-out, so meals are a bit like high school Summer meals.  One evening during my Houston stay I saw a Raccoon foraging on the grounds of a building .

Wednesday I went to CNN.com to figure out what congressional objections were being lodged to Mr. Biden's victory in the presidential election.I found instead that a mob had violently taken over our nation's Capitol.  This story, including the incumbent president's incitement, occupies the news and our thoughts. I feel strongly opposed to the actions of those rioters and those who aided, abetted and incited them. I 
lack any particular detail to add to enliven the dialogue.

Saturday I walked on the Watters Creek Trail. Sunday I walked on the Cottonbelt Creek South Trail and at Story Park. The Sunday walk was particularly pleasant, because I was able to walk as a fairly heavy snow fell. We went a few years with little real snow, though the local average is 6 inches a year.  Nine years ago we had an 11 inch snow. Sunday's snow would have been about an inch, but it was too warm to stick.

In the snowy conditions, I saw a Barred Owl high in a tree, as well as a Hermit Thrush standing atop a cut log near ground. It was a grand walk.

Now the work week is back in session. Yesterday when I woke up early I put on the movie "The Glass Bottomed Boat."  Those silly Doris Day movies are surprisingly watchable.

I listened to music this morning for a Creative Commons 2020 music awards contest in which I am one of several judges. Finding eligible works in an area as large as Canada has been more of a challenge than I prefer, but I have heard some nice albums. I must finish up my nominations by Friday.

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