January 3rd, 2021

abstract butterfly

Warmer day

The first day of January proved cold and windy. I walked in Glendover Park and in Bethany Lakes Park, with each walk featuring a bit of bracing wind.

On the second day of January, I began organizing my family year-end paperwork. I drove to the drive-up window at the bank to make a deposit. I drove to the post-office.  The outside dropbox was full to the brim, so I went indoors. The new Allen post office just opened this year, and it appears to permit slightly later Saturday mailing times. I drpped off some shirts at the dry cleaners, and picked up other shirts from the dry cleaners.

While I was near the bank in McKinney. I went for a walk around Towne Lake. The rains made some mud creep over the sidewalk, so I had to deviate a time or two into the grass. The weather was in the 50s, with very little wind. It provided a nice contrast from the prior three days.
I saw a Cooper's Hawk and a Red-Shouldered Hawk, as well as Northern Shovelers, American Coots and other lake-dwellers. My eBird list reset to zero with the coming of the new year. Now my Collin County species list stands at 27 species.

Last night I  re-watched most of the fine old Movie Mrs. Miniver and we watched an episode from Season 3 of the Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. This  morning I got up, ate some kind of healthy version of cocoa cereal, and gave Beatrice her pill pocket full of pills and some wet food. I read tweets about the Open University and contemplated my day.

I like that in this time of year each day has roughly one minute more daylight than the day before had had.

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