September 7th, 2020

abstract butterfly

Busy times

I see that I last posted on August 27. In the interval between August 27 and today I focused on work. I also took walks in Limestone Quarry Park. I learned recently that a new lake park is being built nearby. This past Saturday I walked on Mustang Creek Trail in Allen. I saw a Least Flycatcher. This marks my 90th species sighting in Collin County this year.

We got a new television after an old television bit the dust. I worked today though today is Labor Day. I got a call from my sister and her daughter today. I enjoyed chatting with them.  My now-retired law partner sent a photo of the people in our firm over a decade ago. I looked taller and heavier then.

Beatrice continues living a happy if elderly existence.

I got a haircut from a chain haircut place Sunday. The cosmetogist impressed me with her ability to work around a mask. She chided me for failing to mention what she called the "beauty mark" on my neck. 

I watched a Snowy Egret in Cottonwood Creek, just under the pedestrian bridge in Allen Station Park by the 1874 railroad dam, Allen's main historic attraction. The Snowy egret danced in the shallows, waving its wings to scare up prey.

Facebook memories reminded me of a trip six years ago today to the Texas panhandle, walking in Buffalo Lake NWR. A cold front is moving in this week.

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