July 12th, 2020

abstract butterfly

Clipper Corporation

Last night I gave myself my third haircut since the coronavirus crisis began. I use a battery-operated device created by Wahl Clipper Corporation. I tend to grow long, Ambrose Burnside or Elvis-in-Vegas sideburns, so I trimmed those especially short. At first I used the plastic shear attachments, but eventually I just resorted to the basic device without shear guards.  Meanwhile, on television, the movie "The Mouse that Roared" documented the victory of Grand Fenwick.  I was stuck, as I always am, by the way that the camera liked the actress Jean Seberg. I felt badly reading how she was arguably persecuted by the FBI.

This morning I walked in Glendover Park during the cool early hours. I saw a female Neon Skimmer dragonfly on a tree. I saw a Barn Swallow perched on the school. I attended my Weight Watchers meeting via Zoom. I walked in Story Park and in Green Park. In Green Park I saw a Mississippi Kite in the midst of a shady tree. I listened to two podcasts.

In the afternoon, I fell asleep for a few hours. Then I got up and got some more work done in the early evening. I ate a dinner of shrimp and pasta. Lately I like to put a little Tang in my water.

I finished Alice Thompson's novel "The Existential Detective." I found the solution to the mystery satisfying. I felt the denouement was perhaps a bit rushed and conclusory, but overall the novel was a very good read.  I have had very good luck with the series of novels I purchased from Salt Publishing over in the UK.  A good small press can do miracles.

I went to the Weightless Books site to find a new novel. I bought the science fiction novel "A Stranger in Olondria" by Sofia Samatar. I look forward to that one. But on a whim I went over to smashwords.com to browse some more for books. I decided to enter the search term "Shropshire" in its search engine. This led me to Roz Morris' "Not Quite Lost", a group of travel sketches. I read the first few dozen pages of this book today.

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