June 22nd, 2020

abstract butterfly


Sunday I walked in Allen Station Park just prior to a new rainstorm. Today another storm is in progress. We need the rain, and the storms have so far avoided any property damage in our area.

Prior to the storm yesterday, I saw two of the immature Black Vultures who few up on the old yellow house at the park. I had seen adult vultures on that house before, but did not realize they had nested there this year. A woman on Instagram who volunteers there let me know in a comment.

Early Sunday afternoon I watched the film "Our Grapes have Tender Vines" on TCM. I like this kind of old-fashioned family film. It is always good to see Edward G. Robinson in a non-gangster role.

Later Sunday afternoon I walked in Green Park. I took photos of a House Finch.

I improved my chess.com ratings. I raised my blitz chess rating to 1410. I solved all five puzzles yesterday and today to raise my puzzle rating to 1613. I should convert to a paid membership.

Beatrice turned up a touch under the weather yesterday, which works out fine as she has a scheduled vet appointment anyway. I hope she is okay.

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