May 18th, 2020

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Cross-Posting should not be Rocket Science

I felt pleased to get a prompt response  when I opened a ticket about Dreamwidth's new failure to cross-post to  Livejournal. This problem arose for me on May 11, after a long space of  time in which such failures were rare. The response to the ticket was  less than satisfactory. The response went like this:

"LiveJournal's  abuse detection systems have gotten significantly more  sensitive,  they're no longer responding to our contacts about this and  are  claiming to Dreamwidth users who contact them that they're no longer   able to whitelist our IP addresses the way they have for the past   decade, and we're very limited in what steps we can take to work around   the blocks when they impose them. We're doing what we can to work  around  the issue, but I'm afraid it may be a while until crossposting  works  reliably again."

I have never seen anything posted on  Dreamwidth about LiveJournal that did not have kind of "sky is  falling" sense that all the world's problems are to do with LiveJournal.  I do not know the story from both sides' perspective. But I suppose I  must start manually cross-posting.

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abstract butterfly

Speaking of Owls

I read an old LiveJournal entry from 16 years ago. I saw an owl at day's end at a park in Richardson.  Now I know that its species name is Barred Owl. I can count on less  than 10 fingers the numbers of owls I've seen in the 16 years.

Tonight after work I walked  in our neighborhood toward the park. A nice couple stopped me. They  were scross the street, wearing their makss. I was wearing my mask.   "Did you see the owl?", they asked. I trained my binoculars on the owl. I  told them it was a decoy owl, intended to scare the Great-Tailed  Grackles.

I turned down Exchange and went to the E. Rowlett  Trail. I saw lots of birds. I had to impose a bit of distance here and  there between me and other folks. But it worked out okay.

We ate salmon tonight. We sit up watching "She's Working her Way Through College" with Virginia Mayo.